We’re lacing up our shoes with the I’mPossible Run Club!

Suzanne Bueter Santos

We sell houses. Our days are filled with negotiations, research, transactions, buyers, and sellers. But what’s the engine behind our actual day-to-day business in real estate? Our ‘drumbeat’ is the belief and desire to bring a sense of meaning to the work we do everyday.  Our company is all about 2 things: people and our community.  Connection to both is fundamental to success and the sense of satisfaction that it brings us. Besides, what’s it all for anyway?

To this end, Carrie and I are proud to announce our sponsorship of the I’mPossible Run Club, an after-school enrichment program empowering children through running. My own children have participated in this program over the past two years and I know the effect it has had on them.  The Club uses running as a means to teach valuable life lessons such as grit and positive thinking. It has instilled in my children a can-do attitude and a positive outlook. This year, the Club will further its dedication to our community with the launch the I’mPossible Race Series.

This series will support a scholarship fund allowing the program to be offered at Title 1 schools here in Miami Dade County. These schools receive a Title 1 designation from the federal government because they serve a high number of children who are at risk or live at, or near, the poverty line. In order for a school to qualify as Title 1, over 40% of its students must be in the free or reduced lunch program.  With the support of the Foote & Santos team and other dedicated sponsors, I’mPossible Run Club will expand this year to include Kendale Lakes Elementary and Cutler Ridge Elementary.  Working closely with the school administration, the Club ensures that scholarships are given to ANY CHILD who needs it.  Their philosophy is that no child who wants to participate in the program will not be allowed to because of financial concerns. Carrie and I are thrilled to help the Club deliver on that commitment.

We’re so excited to see our hard work materialize in the form of scholarships that will enable children right here in our community to have access to the same instruction as my own family. And the best part? We can do this together. We can all support this very important venture whether it be by awareness, promotion within your school community or by actively participating in the Race Series by running in at least two events between now and December 6th.  So we hope you will join us in helping this innovative after-school empowerment program reach even more children in Miami. We’ll see you on the race course!



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