Client Stories

A Personal Touch

I really appreciated their personalized approach. They took care of everything for us long after the sale was closed and we needed advice on people to work with. They were not only realtors but relocation consultants. We moved from London and they advised us on everything from schools, to contractors, home help and doctors. Our home was vacant for four months between purchasing it and moving in and they took care of so many small details when we were unable to. Nothing was an imposition and I have never experienced such professional and personalized service from a real estate company.

– Maria Drulard

Thinking Ahead

They were always thinking ahead of the process and keeping us completely informed. Everything was very smooth and professional. I would recommend both Suzanne and Carrie to handle any real estate transaction without reservation.

  • – Clinton Bueter

Time Crunch

Before putting our home up for sale, Carrie and Suzanne presented us with extensive research on what had been happening in our neighborhood, what types of numbers to expect as well as what was happening in the neighborhoods we were interested in moving into. We agreed on a sale price and within 4 days, we had offers above asking, which was a bit shocking. The Foote & Santos team really helped us to figure out what was the best offer for us as they were all quite diverse. We had little time to decide and having their assistance and experience made all the difference.

  • – G. Cohn

Wish List Granted

Buying this house was sheer insanity. We had very little time to find a very specific type of home, in a very specific neighbourhood and of course for a specific price. The Foote & Santos team had their work cut out for them. Thankfully, because this dynamic duo has varying strengths {Carrie is all numbers, Suzanne can spot the difference between ‘good bones’ and ‘hot mess’ in a nano second}. Our home was located and the inspections began. Carrie was able to set up all kinds of appointments with people we didn’t even know we needed! In the end, and with information in hand, we were able to buy the home we wanted for the price we wanted. With so many moving parts, we are eternally grateful to Foote & Santos for guiding us along every single step from beginning to end like the true professionals they are.

  • – Catalina Pérez

It’s Easy!

Carrie and Suzanne are very professional – they know the local market very well and understood our needs as buyers. With them, we felt that buying a house is easy, even though we were new not only to this area, but to the United States. They matched the perfect house for us and had a lot of patience in explaining everything, from the smallest to the biggest detail. Even today, months after we purchased the house, they are still happy to help with any questions.

  • – Ilanit D.

Flexibility Counts

They are terrific people. They are lovely, easy to get to know and work with, trustworthy, responsive, and tunes into their clients’ needs. We also really appreciated their willingness to show us a wide range of homes in a wide range of neighborhoods, and within a very broad price range. We really didn’t know what would suit us best when we arrived, and they were willing to show us many many different options. The other aspect I enjoyed is that Suzanne has a keen eye for decorating and remodeling, something I was interested in doing, and it was very helpful to have her perspective while looking at houses that required changes.

  • – Dina Birman
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